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I got to take pics of the lovely Hope a few weeks ago and will be finishing up her shoot soon. Here are a few of my faves, she is beautiful inside and out. Love ya girl!


Jess is so beautiful and easy to shoot! Here are a few faves!


I don’t shoot many senior work, but when I do I really LOVE it! It is so nice to have hours to work and total control over the day. Such a different tone from weddings and alot of creative control and clothing changes (which I love). So here are a few from one of my lovely seniors this year. She was awesome!


So much fun shooting Taylor’s senior portraits! She is a pixie!


These girls are what I love about photography. Not only do they have style, they are flipping adorable! So fun taking their photos. ;)


I tend to stick to weddings when it comes to photography. When I started out I really played around and did as much as I could so I could find out what I really loved. In spite of drama, sometimes craziness and pressure I still love shooting weddings. But on a side note I also love shooting kids, families and seniors occasionally. I don’t do studio work, I tried it and didn’t really like it. So that seams to be a problem with alot of senior shoots (headshots!) but in Ben’s case he didn’t need any traditional headshots, so we just strolled along shooting and laughing. This is what I love and will be setting up a new Lifestyle website as soon as I get the time (it is about half done!). Anyhow, here are some images from Ben’s recent shoot! He is SO tall! :)


Here we go again.

Life is getting back to normal after a crazy two weeks of wedding fun and now the photos will be flowing again! ;) Hope you enjoy because I am excited to get in the swing of things again after having my beautiful baby girl!

So here is a preview of the beautiful Marian and Dan’s wedding extravaganza! The wedding and reception took place at the fabulous Inn at St. John’s. I loved it because throughout the grounds was amazing, even the chapel had good lighting which isn’t always the case. We worked with two very sweet videographers from

A Moment Forever and DJ Daniel Dettloff from Elite Entertainment.

Now, on to the good stuff!!!


I apologize to those following this blog and the lack of activity lately. I have to say that adjusting to life with two little ones has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Going from one child to two seams like a huge change, especially when your little one is almost 4 already. Also Delilah has been a handful these past months. She is doing much better now, sleeping for me and not crying every night for hours on end, which allows me to get caught up on some photography work before wedding season gets here! On top of all this my baby sister is getting married in May! We have been busy with planning, showers, parties, etc. There will be many new pics of them very soon (for those of you who have watched me photograph them throughout the years!). To add to all this confusion and activity our hard drive on our desktop died and now we are transferring things from backup hard drives, scanning paperwork and re-desinging a few albums that got lost in the process. Oh well, things are quieting down now and soon the blog will be up and running again with lots of summer weddings, vacations, photo shoots and a few fun things we are working on at the moment ;)

So for now let me leave you with some recent photos from my 365 album (a photo a day of family/friends/etc. that I am making into an album at the end of the year!).


So we are still out of town, we have a wedding on Belle Isle tomorrow and then some family time. So I thought I would post a little blog about the other sites that are featuring our photography. Kind of cool. Bliss Weddings and Lucky Me spotlighted us this month. Woo Hoo. Also, check out the great ideas and fun things on their sites. :)

We will be back next week with some photos from our Mackinaw wedding and maybe a few engagment images from my fun rained out session this week.


So I haven’t done many senior/family shoots this summer. Part of the reason is I didn’t want to overwhelm my pregnancy and wanted to make sure I kept on top of things for weddings all summer long. The other reason being that I am not working from a studio. I considered/dabbled in studio lighting and such when I first started my photography business, but all in all shied away from anything to do with lights, backdrops, etc. Without an actual studio building the logistics are just to hard to deal with. So the few shoots I did do this summer were studio lighting free, my favorite way. As for Taylor, I have known her family for a few years now and shot her sisters pics two years back as well as some family pics of her, her 4 siblings, mom and dad. I had alot of fun at this shoot and was hoping that the sun would stay out as long as we needed it, but honestly I could have shot for at least another hour (so I guess the sun wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked). So here is Taylor’s senior preview.

So, next year I will be taking senior/family shoots on a limited basis. This is the style and the feel that I will be going for, so if you would like a modern feel to your senior shots and don’t mind getting your head-shots done elsewhere, feel free to contact me.